Fine Art School Portraits


What are fine art school portraits?
hese portraits are a fun twist on the traditional school photo. I want to capture children as they are, smiling or not. I use minimal equipment, black background and natural light, and encourage children to be themselves. The end result is an authentic, timeless portrait.

What do I offer?
I am a completely online operation. Once my photos are taken and edited, families are linked to a password protected online gallery. Galleries will be organized by grade, teacher, homeroom or whatever makes the most sense for the school. Each child will have approximately 2-6 images edited in both color and black and white. The family may choose which photos they would like printed, yes, that’s right, you have a choice! Prints, digital files and if you like, canvases can be ordered directly from the gallery. The prints will be delivered to the school to be distributed to the families. A detailed PDF describing all ordering and day of shoot procedures will be distributed to the school to be sent to families prior to the shoot day. I provide all necessary equipment. I can provide the school with staff photos, classroom photos or any other photos needed for school advertising, yearbook etc.

I handle any questions parents or families have regarding the ordering process and am open to working with schools on any special requests they may have.

How many students can you accommodate?
At the present, I can work with schools with 300 kids or fewer. I focus on providing personalized customer service, so taking on a few select schools each year helps me to provide this superior service. If you are a bigger school though, don’t hesitate to contact me, I would be happy to chat about your needs and if it’s possible to accommodate them at this time.

What kind of pricing can I expect?
All of my print rates are very competitive and there is no cost that is due up front. All of y profit is from ordering. I offer a variety of collections and print products to fit everyone’s needs. I also donate 10% of my gross profit to the school!

When do you offer these portraits?
I can work with the school anytime during the year to schedule a session.